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Advanced help with CAQDAS packages


This material is aimed at those who have a good basic understanding of one of the packages covered in the Introduction to CAQDAS. Who need some assistance with learning about some of the more advanced features of the programs or need help with some of the issues that users commonly experience in using CAQDAS.


Sorting out the codebook

This is a very common experience of those who are using software and who, perhaps, are using CAQDAS on a large project (such as a PhD) for the first time. A common symptom of this is having a very long and unwieldy list of codes. More...


Teamwork and Merging Projects

Many qualitative researchers now work in teams, sometimes with other qualitative researchers at other institutions and sometimes with quantitative researchers. Most software now contains features to keep a track of who has carried out the analysis and ways of merging together different researchers projects. More...



Users commonly find the array of different kinds of code search available in the programs quite a challenge. They are not sure what they actually do, and, more importantly, they are not sure how they should be used. More...


Automatic Coding

In some programs there are ways to code text automatically. This is usually the result of a search or based on the way the data have been formatted with styles. More...


Tips from expert users

These pages contain articles written by expert users on how to do a range of activities within CAQDAS software. More...

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