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Atlas.ti logoSearch tools and other devices for rationalising coding schema in Atlas.ti.

Use 'Query' tools  to put together data which are coded by several detailed codes e.g. on  a similar topic, or where several codes are beginning to form themselves in your mind into a higher concept or category.

e.g.  an 'OR' search which puts together the data attached to several codes:  code A OR code B, OR code C, OR etc etc.

To perform a query

  1. left click the Query Tool icon (Query tool icon in Atlas.ti).
  2. double right mouse click the codes that you want your 'query' to find in the data.
  3. left click 'OR operator', floating cursor over each operator icon, tells you what each operator does. Use as many times as required to put between codes. See Figure 1.
  4. See results listed and interactively connected to full text in context behind –or print/save output.
  5. Create a 'Super codes' which save that query/search expression  and stores them in the Codes list (with red icon) as means of re-running the same search to retrieve up to date collections of data (just as you would when double clicking on a code, in the Code Manager window normally).


Quering codes in Atlas.ti

Figure 1. Querying codes in Atlas.ti

Making collections of codes

'Families of codes', (collections of codes) which allow you to gather up any code/s into any number of e.g. theoretical or process related categories, large collections (families) or very small will enable very quick retrieval of the data associated with any of these. 

  1. left click Codes on the main menu and left click Edit Family:Open Family Manager
  2. The Code Family Manager window opens, left click Families:New Family in the windows top menu.
  3. left click codes from the right hand list and either double right mouse click or use the Pointer chevron button (pointer chevron buttons in Atlas.ti) to move them into the left hand box.
  4. Either,

    left click the Query tool (Query tool icon in Atlas.ti), double right mouse click on a Code family listed top left query tool. See Figure 1.


    In Codes manager window, Filtering to a Code family and asking for Output:All codes with all quatations.