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IT Skills

Why do I need these computer skills?

If you are going to use any sort of software package to analyse your qualitative data you will require the computer skills listed below. However, there are some operations such as moving a project between computers that are performed differently depending which CAQDAS package you are using.

In the instructions Symbols and Conventions are used.

Copy and paste

Copy and paste is a useful tool for moving chunks of text, documents, files, and folders to another location on your computer. More...

Create a new folder

During a project new folders will need to be created to store your data. More...

Minimise and maximise window

No matter which software package is being used there will be occasions when windows need to minimised and maximised so you have more space to work or so you can see other windows you have open. More....

Moving files

Work in progress

Moving projects between computers

Work in progress

Right click

Right click is a very useful skill for shortcuts as it enables you to view contextual menus which are relevant to your current action in the software. It is also an essential skill when are using CAQDAS software as most programs make good use of the contextual menu that pops up with a right click. More...

Save text in another format

There will be occasions where you will want to change the text format of a document. Some CAQDAS require documents are in certain text format. More...

Saving and backing up

Saving and backing up is essential skill when using computers. More... (There is more detail of backing up when using CAQDAS programs in the Step-by-step s/w section.)


Understanding how a sub-directory works helps to organise folders and files more effectively. More...

Zipping up a file

Qualitative projects generate huge amounts of data. Zipping is an effective way to compress the data so you can make back-ups or email it to a colleague. When using CAQDAS software zipping your project has two advantages it maintains the folders in their hierarchy and they are not locked. More...

Find and replace function in word-processor

Find and replace is very useful tool in qualitative data projects. Find is useful for locating the occurrence of a particular word in a document and can be combined with replace to change all the occurrence to an alternative word. More...

Using different heading levels (styles) in word-processor

Heading styles are a useful way to format your documents in reports and transcripts. More...