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Sub-directory hierarchy

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Moving a folder

Author of this page: Ann Lewins

Affiliation: University of Surrey

Date written: 13th Nov 2005



copying a folder in windows

Figure 1. Copying a folder in windows

To copy /move a file or folder

  • Find the folder or file you wish to move or copy, click with right button, choose e.g. Copy

To paste into  e.g. a new folder (or sub-directory)

  • Go to File menu at the top of My Documents (or Windows Explorer while you  are in the folder you wish your new folder to be within) choose New:Folder 
  • Rename the new folder while it is still in edit mode (if you cannot see a new folder it may have gone to the bottom of the list of existing folders) – you may have to scroll down or across.
  • If you find you cannot rename it, just click in it once to get into edit mode
  • Double click to open the folder- then paste your copied file or folder
  • Ctrl V  or  Edit:Paste

pasting a folder in windows

Figure 2. Pasting a folder in Windows