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MAXqda logo Search tools and other devices for rationalising coding schema in MAXqda 2.

By activation

  1. Look at a number of codes and the text they are linked to…
  2. left click the individual codes you are interested in
  3. right click on the code and left click Activate.
  4. OR as below in the screen shot-activate the upper level of a hierarchy (this automatically activates all codes from that point – down)
  5. Ensure that the individual Texts, or Text groups (or Sets) of files are activated.
  6. Choose one or several of the above, right click on the Text or Text Groups and left click Activate
  7. In the bottom right quadrant, Retrieved segments, you can vary the way the software interrogates the database, e.g. OR / AND / NEAR and other ways of asking questions (Analysis menu / retrieval options).


Search results MAXqda

Figure 1. Search results in MAXqda


To capture the segments at a new broader based code?

  1. Create the new code, left click on the code to select it.
  2. right click in the pale blue area to the left of the segments/ Code results.
  3. The code you have just created and selected should appear at the top in the new window.  left click OK.  See Figure 2.



Creating a new code in MAXqda

Figure 2. Creating a new code in MAXqda


Drag and drop to re-organise or rationalise your coding schema in MAXqda

You can physically move codes around from one place to another by dragging and dropping (or hold shift key down at same time to change position within or between hierarchies)


To create new collections hierarchies of codes by copying/moving codes

  1. Copying selected codes into new places, and into new thematic hierarchies happens in  MAXqda by a process of moving or copying 'coded segments'.
  2. Create a  new code to contain the segments you are about to move.
  3. right click the code you want to copy from and left click copy or move codings.
  4. right click the destination code… and left click insert coded segments from (i.e. original code).




Rationalising coding is not necessarily always about reducing the coding schema structure, though often this can be the final result, it has more to do with wanting to identify new relationships and connections between codes. You may not want to change what seems to be an ordered filing system of codes, but you may want to look at its constituent parts in different ways.