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ATLAS.ti v.7 logo Using Atlas.ti

Below are links to materials that tell you how to undertake some of the basic activities in qualitative data analysis software such as importing documents and starting projects, coding and its organisation, creating memos, text and code searching, reporting and retrieving information.

Many software developers now produce their own teaching materials that cover the basics of the software use. Where this is so the links below are to their materials. In other cases there are links to materials on this site that cover older versions of the software to help those who are still using these versions.

Atlas.ti v. 7

Version 7 was released by Scientific Software Development GmbH in 2012. There has been a major tidying up of the user interface and many menu items have been changed, moved or removed. All primary documents are now copied into a library when introduced into the project and up to 4 may be opened on screen at once, facilitating drag and drop linking between them. The video play and code interface has been improved so that it is much easier to code video and to use very long videos. Printing with margins (that include the coding brackets) now includes pdf and graphic files. And there are changes to the document manager and the co-occurence explorer.

Atlas.ti v. 6

Version 6 was released by Scientific Software Development GmbH in 2009. There are some small cosmetic improvements in the software user interface, but these are quite minor. Most remained consistent with the previous version. There were some significant additions to functionality, in particular the ability to use pdf primary documents and to integrate GIS (Geographical Information Systems) data.

Atlas.ti v. 5

Version 5 was released in 2005 and has been updated through several versions - to 5.2 in 2006, to version 5.5 in 2008 which could now handle multimedia files of all kinds.