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MAXqda logo Using Atlas.ti v.5

Scientific Software Development GmbH no longer sells version 5 of Atlas.ti, but it still supports it. There is tutorial material here for those using version 5, but, in fact, many of the program's user interface elements have been preserved in version 6, so with some small adaptations these tutorials will help get you started on version 6. They are preserved here for those still using version 5 from 2005-8. They do not include the new and more advanced functions, such as multimedia support, use of pdfs and GIS data found in version 6.

In the sidebar are links to other tutorial materials for version 5 and in some cases for earlier versions such as v. 4.1 and 4.2.


Symbols and Conventions

General Transcription Guidelines

Preparing data

Importing documents etc.



Saving and backing up

Organising coding

Creating memos


Text and code searches


Merging Hermeneutic Units

Special strengths of Atlas.ti