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ATLAS/ti logo Using Atlas.ti v.7


The software manufacturer's tutorials

Scientific Software, the manufacturer of Atlas.ti v.7 has produced a number of video tutorials covering the use of Atlas.ti. They are here. At the moment (August 2012) they refer to an older version of the sofware, which maybe confusing as the menu organisation has changed. But they do introduce the basic concepts of the program. They can be played online (English, German and Spanish versions) or (English or German) versions can be downloaded for playing on iPods and other mobile devices. These cover the following topics:

Starting ATLAS.ti: Setting out on your first steps with the program.
Meet the HU Editor: An introduction to the user interface.
Assigning Documents: Linking data to your projects.
Coding Basics: Creating and assigning codes.
Creating Quotations: "And I Quote...."
Basic Code Management: An overview of the Code Manager
Code Management II: Basic code-keeping functions.
The Margin Area, Part I: An overview
The Margin Area, Part II: Advanced Drag & Drop Techniques.
Renaming Objects: Renaming and modifying objects
Network Building I: Basic network properties.
Network Building II: Network nodes
Network Building III: Inter-Object Links in Network Views
Hyperlinks: Making connections in your data.
Views and Settings: Customizing your workbench.
The Query Tool: Hypothesizing about your coded data.

YouTube logo These videos can also be found on YouTube. The first is 'Starting ATLAS.ti' and there is a Channel page.

pdf icon There is also a quick tour available as a pdf in a variety of languages.

Book and website

Friese, Susanne (2012) Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti. Los Angeles: Sage.

The companion website has a range of videos (in English and German) and data files used in the examples. The videos can also be found on YouTube logo