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You need a clearly defined methodology or analytic strategy before you begin to analyse your data in a CAQDAS package. Visit Analysis and Methodologies.


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Using Framework

FrameWork was software for managing and analysing data, developed by researchers at The National Centre for Social Research. This approach has now been implemented in NVivo (version 9 onwards) and the Nat Cen no longer support the Framework software.

Framework in NVivo

FrameWork is different from traditional coding and indexing methods because of its two unique features:
• Summarisation - Create and organise summaries of your data to help you analyse and manage it.
• Matrix outputs - Analyse summarised data by case or by theme to gain a detailed understanding. Or identify and investigate relationships between themes to get a broader understanding.


Video of Matt Barnard from the NatCen talking about Framework.

This video covers the Framework approach which the software supports. Matt Barnard shows how analysts at NatCen have moved from pen and paper versions of the approach to using Excel and using the Framework software.