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HyperRESEARCH logo Memos in HyperRESEARCH v 2.6

Authors of this page: Celia Taylor¹ and Ann Lewins²

Affiliation: ¹University of Huddersfield and ²University of Surrey

Date written: 15th Sept 2005





Symbols and Conventions


Writing memos is an essential part of developing your analytic understanding of the data and a way of building your theoretical reflections. In HyperRESEARCH there are two types of memos. Descriptions can be applied to master codes names and annotations to other codes.

To annotate a code

  1. In the Code List Editor click  the code you want to write an annotation about.
  2. click the Code Description white arrow (Code description arrow box) at the bottom of the Code List Editor
  3. The Code Description box opens, click in the box and type your description. See Figure 1.
  4. click the Code Description white arrow (HyperRESEARCH code description box open) to close the box.
  5. There is no symbol to indicate you have written a description about a code. In order to view you code description or edit it you need to open the Code Description box as in step 2. Then either click the code you want to view the description for or scroll through the list and those with a description will appear in the box as you scroll.



HyperRESEARCH Code Description box

Figure 1. HyperRESEARCH Code Description box.


To create an annotation about a coded section of text in a Case

  1. In the Study use the case arrows (HyperRESEARCH case selection arrows) to select the case and then the code arrows (HyperRESEARCH code selection arrows)to select the code reference you want to attach an annotation to.
  2. right click on the selected code and click Annotate...
  3. The Annotation window opens.
  4. Type in your annotation and close the window. The code now has a cross (A cross to indicate a annotation is attached in HyperRESEARCH) next to it to indicate an annotation is attached.
  5. To view the annotation right click on the code and click Annotate...
  6. Or check the View Annotation box at the bottom of the Study window and use the arrow keys (HyperRESEARCH code selection arrows) to select the code marked with a (A cross to indicate a annotation is attached in HyperRESEARCH) the Annotation box automatically opens showing your comments.