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MAXqda logo Backing up in MAXqda 1 and MAXqda 2


Author of this page: Ann Lewins

Affiliation: University of Surrey

Date written: 13th Nov 2005





Making sure you have a backup copy of you project is very important. Having copies you can share is also a good idea when working with others on the same project. If you are not sure about how to save and how to create new folders and move files from one computer to another, then see the guides in the IT Skills section.


Saving as in MAXqda

Figure 1. Saving As in MAXqda


Structure of the project in MAXqda

The project in MAXqda is called the Project, and once individual data files are ‘imported’ into the project, they are internal to the project. If the project is moved, or backed up  to be worked on elsewhere, it takes with it all the data files as well as all the work done so far on those data files within MAXqda.

Normal saving of the project

Disconcertingly, there is no Save button, just Closing the project  (Project menu) saves the working version of the project.

To back up the project

  • Project menu/Backup Project

Ensure you backup to another drive or somewhere other than your hard disk.  Maybe a memory stick/pen? The backup file is condensed so that all the data files and the project are packed up in the same file. You can email the backed up file as an attachment.

To open the backup in MAXqda

Project menu – Open project in normal way )on your hard drive or working area within a network drive (having first transferred it from its safe place of storage)