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Using MAXqda 2

Symbols and Conventions

These instructions cover MAXqda version 2. This version is no longer on sale or supported by VERBI GmbH. But these pages are kept available here for researchers who may still be using this version from 2004.

General Transcription guidelines

Preparing data for MAXqda 2

Saving and backing up in MAXqda 2


At the moment there are no online materials specifically covering version 2 of MAXQDA. However you will find that at the introductory level there is little difference from version 1, so looking at those instructions will help you get started.

Version 2 is also covered in some books.

book icon Ann Lewins & Christina Silver (2007) Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guide, London: Sage Publications.

Contains step-by-step guides for NVivo 7, Atlas.ti5 and MAXqda2 and a feature and functions comparison of NVivo 7, Atlas.ti5, MAXqda2, HyperRESEARCH 2.6, QDA Miner 2.0, Qualrus and Transana 2.

Book icon Gibbs, G.R. (2007) Analyzing qualitative data. London: Sage. Part of the Qualitative Research Kit, ed. U. Flick.

Contains step-by-step guides for NVivo 7, Atlas.ti5 and MAXqda2.