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MAXqda logo Memos in MAXqda

Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs and Celia Taylor

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 30th June 2005





Symbols and Conventions


Writing memos is an essential part of developing an analytic understanding of the data and a way of building theoretical reflections. MAXqda supports the creation and use of memos and these can be linked into the documents and coding in a project in a variety of ways. In particular, they can be linked with codes or passages of text.

To create a memo about a code

  1. right click the code name in the Code System pane, click Code-Memo. The Memo window opens. See Figure 1.
  2. Type in a title, an author and some text for the memo.
  3. To insert the date and time in the text click the date/time button (MAXqda date/time button).
  4. click Close
  5. A new memo icon appears in the memo column to the right of the code name. right click this, click Code-Memo to read the memo.


MAXqda Memo window

Figure 1. MAXqda Memo window.

To create a memo about a passage in a document

  1. Highlight the passage you want to write the memo about.
  2. right click the code column just to the left of the highlighted text (the column with the symbol MAXqda memo column at the top).
  3. click New Memo. The Memo window opens. See Figure 1 above.
  4. Type in contents. click Close.
  5. A new memo icon appears in the code column besides the text. right click this, click Open to read the memo.

To create a memo about a document

There is no separate facility to link a memo to a document as a whole. Just highlight the first line of the documents and attach a memo to that (see above).