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N6 logo Memos in N6

Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs and Celia Taylor

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 30th June 2005





Symbols and Conventions


Writing memos is an essential part of developing your analytic understanding of the data and a way of building your theoretical reflections. v. 6 supports the creation and use of memos and these can be linked into the documents and coding in a project in a variety of ways. In N6 they can be linked with nodes and documents. It is not possible to attach a memo to a passage of text but you can insert an annotation. These appear as text in the document when it is browsed and are coded at the node 'Document Annotations'.


To create a memo about a node

  1. In in the Node Explorer, click the node you want memo, click Memo button.
  2. Type in memo text and close and save changes.
  3. The node name is now proceeded with a '!' to indicate it has a memo.
  4. To read the memo click the node name, click Memo button.



To create an annotation about a passage in a document

  1. In the Document Explorer, click the document you want to annotate, click Browse button.
  2. Highlight the line of text you want to annotate, right click it, click Add Annotation .
  3. Type in your annotation and close and save.
  4. the annotation appears just after the selected paragraph in double angle '<< >>'.



To create a memo about a document

  1. In the Document Explorer, click the document you want to memo. click Memo button in the Document Explorer window.
  2. Type in the memo, close and save.
  3. The document is now proceeded by '!' to indicate it has a memo
  4. To read the memo, click the document name, click Memo button.