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N6 logoRetrievals and inspecting coding with N6

Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs and Celia Taylor

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 30th June 2005





Symbols and Conventions

Displaying the coded text in context

With some text coded you can inspect the documents to see how they are coded. This is a most important process in re-contextualising your coding.

To see exactly what text is coded

  1. In Document Explorer click document required, click Report button
  2. In Make Document Report dialog, click Coding Stripes. click OK.
  3. In Select Text Unit Range dialog specify the range of text to report on (default is whole document). click OK.
  4. In Coding Stripes dialog choose nodes to be included to show ( click node, click Add> ). click OK.
  5. The report is displayed in an edit window. See Figure 1. Letters to the right of the line numbers indicate coding stripes. A key is reproduced at the top of the document.


N6 Document Report showing coding stripes

Figure 1. N6 Document Report showing coding stripes


Having done some coding you will want to see what text you have coded.


To retrieve all the text coded at a code


  1. In the Node Explorer, click a Node. click Browse.
  2. A window opens showing all the text coded at that node. This window can be used for further coding and to spread the text showing.
  3. right click the text, click Spread Selection's Coding...Select Paragraph, Section etc., click OK.
  4. Alternatively, In the Node Explorer, click a node.


  1. In the Node Explorer, click a node. click Report.
  2. In the Make Node Report dialog, select what you want in the report. click OK.
  3. An edit window opens with information on the node. See Figure 2. This report can be saved and printed.


N6 Report on a node

Figure 2. N6 Report on a node

Codes, jump to text

Having examined all the text segments that are coded to a particular node, it is useful to be able to be able to go back to the document(s) from which the segments came to recontextualise the extracts.

To recontextualise coded extracts

  1. When reading text in a node browser, to see the text in the document form which it came, click some text, click Jump to this Document.
  2. The Document Browser opens with the required document displayed. The contents are automatically scrolled to the point where your coded text begins and the text you selected is highlighted (selected).