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NVivo logo Using NVivo v.2

NVivo, originally called NUD.IST Vivo, was a complete rewrite and redesign of QSR's original CAQDAS program, NUD.IST, although for a while both were supported and developed. Version 2 of NVivo was brought out in 2002 along with Merge for NVivo which allowed two or more projects to be combined. NVivo jumped from version 2 to version 7 in 2006 partly to maintain the sequence of versions from NUD.IST 6, whose development then ceased. Version 7 kept the underlying approach of NVivo 2 and extended its functionality but the program interface was substantially changed.

QSR no longer sells NVivo 2 but it still supports it. NVivo 2 projects can be migrated to QSR's latest program, NVivo 8. The guides to its use are preserved here for those still using the program.


Symbols and Conventions

General Transcription Guidelines

Preparing data

Importing documents etc.



Saving and Backing up



Organising coding

Text and code searches


Special Strengths


Training videos

Video on inductive coding

Video on using matrix intersection search