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NVivo logo Retrieving in NVivo v.2

Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs and Celia Taylor

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 30th June 2005





Symbols and Conventions

Retrievals and inspecting coding with NVivo

Displaying the coded text in context

when you have some text coded you can inspect the documents to see how they are coded. This is an most important process in re-contextualising your coding.

To see exactly what text is coded

  1. In Document Browser click View:Coding Stripes.
  2. A panel appears to the right of the text showing nodes with brackets to indicate the coded lines. See Figure 1.
  3. You may need to move the split bar to see all the names.
  4. To see exactly what text is coded to the node you need to use the coder. click Coder button.
  5. This opens the coder for this browser window. See Figure 2 and 3.
  6. Open up the node list/hierarchy and select the node of interest. (It will be in bold to indicate it codes some text in this document.)
  7. click the node. All the text coded at this node is highlighted. (You may have to scroll up and down the document to see this.)


Document showing coding stripes in NVivo

Figure 1. Document showing coding stripes in NVivo


NVivo Document Browser

Figure 2. NVivo Document Browser

NVivo Coder window

Figure 3. NVivo Coder window


Having done some coding you will want to see what text you have coded.


To retrieve all the text coded at a node


  1. In the Project Pad click a Nodes tab. click Explore Nodes button.
  2. The Node Browser opens, showing all the text that has been coded at the node along with headings indicating the documents they come from and what section and paragraph is coded. See Figure 4.
  3. This text can also be retrieved as a text file and it can include other information such as any comments.
  4. right click the node name in the Node Explorer, click Make Coding Report. click Choose, click All Documents, click OK, click OK. This report can be saved or printed.



NVivo Node Browser

Figure 4. NVivo Node Browser

Codes, jump to text

Having examined all the text segments that are coded to a particular node, it is useful to be able to be able to go back to the document(s) from which the segments came to recontextualise the extracts.

To recontextualise coded extracts

  1. When reading text in a node browser, to see the text in the document form which it came, right click the piece of text, click Browse/Edit/Code Document.
  2. The Document Browser opens with the required document displayed. The contents are automatically scrolled to the point where your coded text begins and the text you selected is highlighted (selected).