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NVivo 7 logoUsing NVivo

Below are links to materials that tell you how to undertake some of the basic activities in qualitative data analysis software such as importing documents and starting projects, coding and its organisation, creating memos, text and code searching, reporting and retrieving information.

Many software developers now produce their own teaching materials that cover the basics of the software use. Where this is so the links below are to their materials. In other cases there are links to materials on this site that cover older versions of the software to help those who are still using these versions.


NVivo 11

Version 11 brings together the development of the Mac and Windows versions of NVivo to some extent. There are now three versions of NVivo for Windows: Starter, Pro and Plus. Starter is focused on working with text, whereas Pro includes the ability to work with images, video, audio, spredsheets etc. The Plus version add social network analusis to that. The Mac version 11 is similar to the Windows Pro version, but still lacks a few features. See this comparison chart.


NVivo 10

Version 10 has has some speed improvements and allows larger project sizes. It can now also capture any web page and display it and code it as a pdf file in NVivo. Evernote files can be imported too with some optional automatic coding based on your tags. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds can be captured as spreadsheets and imported.

NVivo 9

Version 9 has developed the functions to incude an improved layout for imported tabular data/spreadsheets which can now also be coded in the same way as documents. The program now includes an expanded button ribbon, changes in how nodes may be classified, new visualisation tools and incorporates the Framework approach.

NVivo 8

Version 8 kept the same interface as version 7, but some functionality was extended - especially the handling of video files.

NVivo 7

NVivo jumped from version 2 to version 7 in 2006 partly to maintain the sequence of versions from NUD.IST 6, whose development ceased. Version 7 kept the underlying approach of NVivo 2 and extended its functionality but the program interface was substantially changed.

NVivo 2

These instructions cover NVivo version 2. QSR no longer sells NVivo 2 but it still supports it. NVivo 2 projects can be migrated to QSR's latest program, NVivo 8. The guides to its use are preserved here for those still using the program from 2002.