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Transana logo Importing in Transana

Authors of this page: Celia Taylor and Graham R. Gibbs

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 8th Dec 2005




Importing video and transcripts

In Transana you can import a video and create the transcript within the software using the transcription tools. If you have already repapered the transcript this can be imported in Rich text Format.

To start a new database

  1. Start the program. The Select Database dialog appears.
  2. Type in the name of your database, click OK.
  3. Before you can import a video you need to create a Series.
  4. In the Data window right click on the Series node (Series node) and click Add Series
  5. The Add Series dialog box opens. Type in a name for the Series ID, name of the Owner, click OK.
  6. The Series should now appear in the Data window.
  7. Right clickthe Series you have just created and click Add Episode.
  8. The Add Episode dialog opens. Enter the name of the video in the Episode ID. Click the Browse button and locate the folder containing your video and click on the you want to open video. click Open then click OK.
  9. The Episode node (transana video node) appears in the Data window.
  10. The Add Transcript dialog opens. If you have already prepared a transcript of the video. Type in the names for Transcript ID and Transcriber. Clickthe Browse button and locate the folder containing your transcript and Click on the transcript you want to open. Click Open then click OK.
  11. The Transcript node (Transana transcript icon) appears in the Data window.


  12. If you have not prepared the transcript click cancel. You can type the transcript within Transana while listening to the video.
  13. Click the Edit Mode icon (Transana edit mode icon) in the Transcript window, this activates the Transcription toolbar.
  14. Press the Control Key and S key at the same time to start the video listen to a few seconds then pause the video by pressing Control Key and S key at the same time. Type what you have heard.
  15. Press the Control Key and S key at the same time to re-start the video the video is automatically rewound by 2 seconds.
  16. Insert a blank line between each speaker.
  17. Other keys you can use are Control Key and A key which rewinds the video 10 secs before it starts. Control Key and D key starts the video with no rewind. Control Key anf F Key moves the video forward by 10 seconds.
  18. Save you work regularly as you type by clicking on the Save icon (Transana save icon) and the save when you have finished the transcript.



Transana main screen

Figure 1. Transana main screen