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Transana logo Time codes in Transana

Authors of this page: Celia Taylor and Graham R. Gibbs

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 8th Dec 2005




Time codes

Time codes enable you to synchronise points in the video with the relevant points in the transcript. Transana uses markers to match up the video and transcript. Your methodological approach or analytical strategy may determine how use the time codes. However, the norm is as minimum to place a time code at the beginning of each speaker turn.

To insert a time code

  1. In the Transcript window click Time Code icon (Transana_time_code_icon)
  2. When Time Code icon is depressed (Transana time code icon depressed) the time codes will show. Click the depressed Time Code icon (Transana time code icon depressed) will hide the time codes.
  3. Click the Time Code so it is in show time codes mode.
  4. The video needs to be at the beginning, therefore the Current time in the Visualization window should read 0:00:00.0. Clicking at the far left of the waveform will start the video at the beginning.
  5. At the first speaker turn inset a time code by pressing the Control Key and T key at the same time. Ses Figure 1.
  6. Now press the Control Key and the S Key to start the video
  7. When the person stops speaking immediately press the Control Key and S Key to pause the video. It is important the video is paused at the exact point that matches the cursor position in the transcript so they are synchronised.
  8. Click on a new line in the transcript
  9. To insert a time code you can either press the Control Key and the T Key. Or, click the Current button (Transana current button) in the visualization window. See Figure 1.
  10. Press the Control Key and the S Key to re-start the video and repeat steps 7 to 9 untill you have inserted all the time codes at the start of each speaker's turn.



Transana inserting a time cod into a transcript

Figure 1. Inserting a time code into a transcript in Transana