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You need a clearly defined methodology or analytic strategy before you begin to analyse your data in a CAQDAS package. Visit Analysis and Methodologies.



Using Weft QDA

Weft QDA is a tool to assist in the analysis of textual data such as interview transcripts, written texts and fieldnotes. It includes a number of fairly standard CAQDAS features

• Import documents from plain text or PDF
• Character-level coding using categories organised in a tree structure
• Category and document memos
• Retrieval of coded text and "coding-on"
• Simple coding statistics
• Fast free-text search
• Combine coding and searches using boolean queries: AND, OR, AND NOT
• "Code Review" to compare the coding of multiple categories
• Export to HTML and CSV formats
• Single-file (*.qdp) project format
• Available FREE on Windows & Linux, under a public domain licence


Web manual in parts

Web manual in one page

pdf–icon Manual as pdf