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NVivo logo Saving, Save As... and backing up in NVivo versions 1 and 2

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Author of this page: Ann Lewins

Affiliation: University of Surrey

Date written: May 2005





IMPORTANT NOTE: most of the problems experienced in backing up projects in NVivo relate to version 1.0 and 1.1, so be sure to get latest free upgrade to 1.3 and then SAVING AS inside the software becomes more reliable. If you do not already have version 2 , download free upgrade to 1.3 go to:

To save the project

To Save As... a project

  1. Go to Project main menu in the Launch Pad and select Save Project. See Figure 1.


NVivo saving in project pad

Figure 1. Saving a project in Nvivo's Launch Pad


Saving As or Duplicating your project

NOTE: Before Saving As or duplicating a project always Save project first.

Saving As or Duplicating will not condense the folder structure (see Back-up a project procedures below for condensing into email-able version).

To Save As a project

  1. Go to Project main menu in the Launch pad and select Save Project
  2. Next, choose Save Project As.
  3. The software adds a '2' to the project name. A better way to name your duplicate version is to replace this number with the date...or use some other protocol to clearly identify which or whose version this project is. See Figure 2.
  4. Also - decide on other opt ions e.g. uncheck the close current project and open new one if you are simply saving a back up of your project.
  5. Decide where to save your duplicate...on another drive? Select Choose button and navigate to drive folder



Save As in NVivo

Figure 2. Save As in NVivo

Backing-up Project

Condenses your project into one file - and provides Restore option for unpacking it. (You can email this condensed version).

To back-up a project

  1. Save and close your project
  2. From the Launch pad (with no project open) from the Project menu Choose Backup Project. See Figure 3.
  3. Restoring your project from this condensed format means opting for Restore project option
  4. In the normal way that you save a file - either rename it - or accept default name - and put it in the default Backups folder or in the folder or drive where you want it to be stored. See Figure 4.


Backing up in NVivo

Figure 3. Selecting backup in a project menu of NVivo

Naming your backup file in NVivo

Figure 4. Naming your backup file in NVivo

Restore the project

NOTE: You may have emailed the Backed up file to another location. make sure that first you save the emailed file to a place on your computer that you can find again!

To restore project

  1. From Nvivo Launch pad (with no project open)
  2. Select Project menu and Restore project
  3. Click on the Locate button to find the project - Select it from Restore window
  4. Choose the 'Base Folder' (Folder) that you want to restore the project into. you might choose the default QSR Projects Folder. See Figure 5.
  5. You can rename the project here if you wish. to denote the new date or anything else that will identify it for you in the future. See Figure 6.
  6. Then Open the project in the normal way from the Nvivo launch pad, making sure that you use Choose option to find exactly the version you backed up and then restored



Locating and restoring your backup project in NVivo

Figure 5. Locating and restoring your backup project in Nvivo

Renaming a restored project in NVivo


Figure 6. Renaming a restored project in NVivo