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Case Study 1. Frances Rogers on The Experience of Whiplash Injury



Also of interest to:

Social Psychology

Sociology, Phenomenology, Health Studies, Nursing

Analytic Method:

Also of interest to:

Template Analysis

any form of thematic analysis, grounded theory, IPA, framework analysis


Website symbol Background to the Project

This gives some details of what whiplash injury is and what Frances' project aimed to do. There are also some links to information about whiplash injury.

Loudspeaker iconFrances talking about the Project design

Here Frances explains why she got interested in the issue, and how she planned the project and designed the interviews.

Loudspeaker icon Data collection and the 'tidal wave' of data

How Frances undertook the data collection and the enormous amount of data she created.

Loudspeaker icon Approaching the data analysis

Early attempts to analyse the data.

Loudspeaker iconTemplate Analysis

This approach to analysis was used by Frances and it involves developing a 'template' or coding scheme of themes about the data and organising the themes into a meaningful structure. These themes are identified in a variety of ways including looking at the data. This template is then used to code and analyse the whole data set.

Loudspeaker iconVideos on Revision of the Template

Frances revised the template twice. The video material here looks at how and why she did this. In particular it examines how she used the templates to refine her ideas about the data she had collected and what her respondents were telling her.

Website symbol Glossary of terms in Phenomenological Research

For those not familiar with phenomenology, there are some key terms which Frances uses and which you will need to understand to see what she is doing in her analysis. This is a short Glossary of those terms.

Loudspeaker iconInterview with Prof Nigel King, phenomenologist and developer of template analysis.

King is one of the key developers of the template analysis approach. Here he talks about what this approach can do. King has a web site dedicated to template analysis.


There is a large number of exercises scattered throughout these pages, usually situated near the presentation of content to which they refer. For convenience, here is a listing of them all so you can access them individually. More...

The Write-up

Here Frances talks about how she moved from the analysis and the templates and coding she had done, to the final write up.

The Thesis

Here is a link to Frances' final PhD thesis so you can see how all this analytic work was finally written up. The thesis was submitted to the University of Huddersfield, UK and Frances graduated with a PhD in March 2011.

Resources available in this case study

All the documents, audio files and video files available in this case sudy.