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Test on getting the idea

Authors of this page:Dawn Clarke and Graham R. Gibbs

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 27th July 2008






How did Frances get the idea for this research?

1. She read an article on frostbite and the ideas in it about the impact on body image and the effect on mobility and dexterity reminded her of what happened to people after a car accident.

2. A paper by Stearns and Brody in the Journal of Vertebrae Aetiology suggested that though whiplash victims were well cared for in a physical way, there was little research on their emotional experience.

3. Frances had spoken to many people with whiplash injury and found that most were dissatisfied with their treatment by their GPs.

4. Frances was surprised that some time after her own whiplash injury she began to suffer additional symptoms and wondered if this was a common experience.

5. Whiplash injury does not result in any visible injury, but it can disable and cause people a lot of pain. So Frances wondered what this meant for those who experienced whiplash injury following a car accident.

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