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Frances Rogers on constructing and revising her templates

Authors of this page:Dawn Clarke and Graham R. Gibbs

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 12th January 2009





These videos focus on the templates – the coding schemes – that Frances used in her analysis. There was a first and second version of an initial template and then a final version of the template. In the main, she developed these to analyse the interviews from the patients and most of the revisions were prompted by reading and thinking about what the patients said. Later she examined the interviews with the doctors, but this required only minor revisions to her coding scheme.

Movie iconN.B. these are video files and are quite large. It may not be wise to try to view them if you only have a slow Internet connection.



1. Constructing the first version of the initial template

Frances talks about the sources for ideas about coding that contributed to the construction of her first coding scheme or template.

2. Revising the template

How Frances began to revise the template and think about the analytic nature of the codes

3. Constructing the final template

Frances radically revised and reduced the template to reflect her developing idea about how to analyse the data.

4. Analysing the interviews with the doctors


These videos are also available in the form of downloadable MP4 files suitable for showing using a computer with TV monitor or a data projector.



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