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About racism and schools in Ireland.



Recent/forthcoming work:

Kitching, K. (forthcoming, 2011) Interrogating the changing inequalities constituting 'popular' 'deviant' and 'ordinary' subjects of school/subculture in Ireland: moments of new migrant student recognition, resistance and recuperation. Race Ethnicity and Education.

Kitching, K. (forthcoming, 2011) What do we care about (as) subjects of education? Thinking about risk differently, and causing trouble in a ‘post-critical’ world. In O’Brien, M. and O’Shea, A. (eds.) Pedagogy, Oppression and Transformation in a 'Post-Critical' Climate: The Return of Freirean Thinking.


Kitching, K. (2011) 'Understanding class anxiety and race certainty: moments of in/coherent home, school, body and emotion configuration in `new migrant¿ Dublin' In: Kalwant Bhopal and John J. Preston (eds). Intersectionality and race in education. London: Routledge.

Kitching, K (2010) 'The mobility of racism in education: contested discourses and new migrant subjectivities in Irish schooling' In: Merike Darmody, Naomi Tyrrell, and Steve Song (eds). Ethnic minority children and youth in Ireland: Interdisciplinary perspectives. Rotterdam: Sense.


Kitching, K (2010) 'An excavation of the racialised politics of viability underpinning education policy in Ireland'. Irish Educational Studies, 29 (3):213-229.



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