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Case Study 5. Karl Kitching on racism in schooling in Ireland



Also of interest to:

Education, Social Psychology and Sociology

Psychology, Cultural Studies

Analytic Method:

Also of interest to:

Discourse Analysis

Discursive approaches to grounded theory, use of discourse in thematic analysis.


Website symbol Background to the Project

This gives some details of racism and racialised language.

Loudspeaker iconVideos on the analysis

Here Karl explains why he chose discourse analysis, and how he analysed some passages.

Loudspeaker icon Video 1. Why discourse analysis?

Loudspeaker iconVideo 2. Collecting the data and selecting what to analyse.

Loudspeaker iconVideo 3. Detailed analysis of several interview extracts.


The Write-up

Here Karl talks about how he moved from the analysis he had done, to the final write up.

The Thesis

Here is a link to Karl's final PhD thesis so you can see how all this analytic work was finally written up. The thesis was submitted to the Institute of Education in London, UK and Karl graduated with a PhD in April 2011. Karl is now a lecturer at the School of Education, University College Cork, Ireland.

Resources available in this case study

All the documents, audio files and video files available in this case study.