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Pierre Bourdieu

Book icon Bourdieu, P. (1977) Outline of a Theory of Practice. Translated by Richard Nice Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Book icon Bourdieu, P. (1991) Language and Symbolic Power. Translated by Gino Raymond and Matthew Adamson Oxford: Polity Press

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Book icon Bourdieu, P. and Passeron, J-C. (1990) Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture. Translated by Richard Nice London,Thousand Oakes and New Delhi: Sage Publications


Getting started and the theory of Bourdieu

Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs

Affiliation: University of Huddersfield

Date written: 6th May 2012





Learning outcomes

  1. Understand how personal experience and understanding of the relevant literature can help define a research topic.
  2. Understand how theoretical ideas from Bourdieu can be used to illuminate the area of entrepreneurship education that Sally was investigating..


Sally first got interested in this topic after starting an Ed.D. She used concepts from the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu to explore themes related to the impact of gender on the teaching and learning of enterprise in HE and its associated influence on women’s desire for, or confidence in, putting this knowledge into practice. She explored the interaction of habitus, capital and field as a theoretical framework.
Part 1 looks at how she got interested in the field and how she used Bourdieu's ideas to understand what she found.


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