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Case Study 3. Sally Jones on Entrepreneurship Education



Also of interest to:

Sociology and Business Studies


Analytic Method:

Also of interest to:

Grounded Theory and thematic analysis

any form of thematic analysis, Template Analysis, IPA, framework analysis


Website symbol Background to the Project

This gives some details of entrepreneurship along with some of Sally's publications.

Videos on the analysis

There are seven short videos taken from an interview with Sally when she explains the stages of her PhD research and the details of her method of analysis.

Loudspeaker iconGetting started and Bourdieu's theory

How Sally got interested in her topic of entrepreneurship promotion in higher education and about her major theoretical influence, the work of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.

Loudspeaker iconThe participants

How Sally decided on her participants, how she recruited them.

Loudspeaker iconData collection

How Sally collected her data. How she ran the interviews and her use of drawings and an entrepreneurship rating scale to help respondents talk about the issues she was interested in.

Loudspeaker iconDiscourse analysis of selected literature and transcription

Sally describes her use of discourse analysis to examine the literature on entrepreneurship and about how she transcribed her interviews and how she used this to start her analysis.

Loudspeaker iconCoding

Sally talks about the coding she undertook as part of her analysis.

Loudspeaker iconThemes and the use of NVivo

Sally describes how she developed her thematic ideas and the use to which she put the NVivo software.

Loudspeaker iconWriting-up

Sally discusses some of the issues of writing up her analysis

The Thesis

Here is a link to Sally's final PhD thesis so you can see how all this analytic work was finally written up. The thesis was submitted to Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK and Sally graduated with a PhD in 2011. Sally is now a Teaching Fellow in Enterprise at the Leeds Enterprise Centre.

Resources available in this case study

All the documents, audio files and video files available in this case study.