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We would like to encourage you to contribute to this web site. At the moment various areas are still being developed. In particular we are still working on the information and exercises about the basics of qualitative data analysis. If you have any examples of things like some coded text, or memos, or examples of different kinds of transcription, or a coding frame showing its development that you feel you could contribute to this site, then please send it to us. We are also looking for hints and good practice examples of the advanced use of CAQDAS. Again, if you have some material you feel you could contribute please let us know.

If you are going to send us some examples, it would be useful to have some background information about you, your current situation, your project and what it is aimed at. Also, please give us a little explanation about the material you send us so that we can provide a bit of contextual information with your examples.

We also intend to build up the resources section of the site, with references to good web sites on particular issues and to books and articles that might help those learning QDA. Again, if you have any suggestions or recommendations about good resources, please let us know.

If you have some recommendations to send us please include with the details of the website or the publication a short review, telling us what you thought of it and why you are recommending it. It would also help us if you told us a little bit about yourself.