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Part 1 How to transcribe

Part 2 Transcribed document contents



Memos, field notes and metadata



Part 1: Bryman's 4 stages

Part 2: Thematic Coding

Part 3: What can codes be about?

Part 4: What is coding for?

Part 5: Code list and code hierarchy


Procedural analysis and analytic induction

Part 1 Structured Approaches

Part 2 Analytic Induction


The Grounded Theory Approach

Core elements of Grounded Theory

Stages of coding: 1. Open Coding

Approaches to Open Coding, Line-by-line Coding

Axial Coding and Selective Coding

Grounded Theorists and critiques of Grounded Theory


Interview with Prof Nigel King about Template Analysis

1. Constructing the Template

2. Coding

3. Comparison with other coding approaches

4. Descriptive and interpretative coding

5. Revising the template

6. Interpretation

7. How many themes?

8. Other relationships between themes in the template

9. Doing the write-up

10. Comparison with other analytic approaches


Interview with PhD student Frances Rogers about her analysis

1. Constructing the first version of the initial template

2. Revising the template

3. Constructing the final template

4. Analysing the interviews with the doctors


Interview with PhD student Karl Kitching about his analysis

Video 1. Why discourse analysis?

Video 2. Collecting the data and selecting what to analyse.

Video 3. Detailed analysis of several interview extracts.


Interview with PhD student Nicola Swan about her analysis

Video: Getting started and coding using Atlas.ti software


Interview with PhD student Sally Jones about her analysis

Getting started and Bourdieu's theory

The participants

Data collection

Discourse analysis of selected literature and transcription


Themes and the use of NVivo



Talks on aspects of qualitative data analysis given at the 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford

Talk by Ann Lewins on CAQDAS

Talk by Matt Barnard on Framework Analysis

Questions from the audience to Matt Barnard about Framework Analysis

Talk by Stephanie Taylor on Discourse Analysis


Talks on issues arising from the QUIC project given at the 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford CAQDAS logo

Talk 1: Graham Hughes on Analysing Open-ended Survey Question Responses in CAQDAS

Talk 2: Graham Hughes on Combining Geo-spatial and Qualitative Data

Talk 3: Christina Silver on Visual Methods and Software Tools : A Mis-match?

Talk 4: Christine Rivers on Visual Analysis and Software Assistance


Lectures from a Master's module on Social Research Methods and Design

Research Quality and the Research Process

Surveys and Sampling.

Case Studies

Experiments and quasi-experiments

Questionnaire Design

Personal Construct Psychology

Documents and Diaries

Research Interviewing

Ethnography and Participant Observation

Practical Issues and Ethics


How to undertake a research interview

Video on how to undertake a research interview


Using NVivo 2

Inductive coding in NVivo v.2

Matrix intersection searching in NVivo v.2


Initial coding

How to do simple manual coding of text