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Movie icon PowerPoint files used in some of the videos


Postgraduate lectures on Qualitative Data Analysis

Transcription and Memos (Handout on transcription errors and CA markup)


Procedural analysis and analytic induction

The Grounded Theory Approach

Maps, Tables and Flow Charts


Module curriculum and references


Postgraduate lectures on Social Research Methods

Quality of Research



Case Studies



Personal Construct Psychology


Documents and Diaries

Practicalities of Research

Module curriculum and references

NTF Masterclass on video use March 2014

Resources, Resources, Resources


Staff Development Session on NVivo use

Lecture on QDA

NVivo file and other files used in the session

History of CAQDAS


Staff Development Session on Grounded Theory Method

Lecture on Grounded Theory Method

Handouts and exercises on Grounded Theory Method


Staff Development Session on SPSS use

Session on SPSS

Intro to SPSS lab exercises

Answers to lab exercises

Data set used in lab exercises

Session at QMiPSC 2012

Online resources for qualitative research

Workshop hands on instructions


Session at Equinox 2012

Outreach with video


SEPD Session on Qualitative Data Analysis 2015

Qualitative Data Analysis

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Copyright and IP



Talks on aspects of qualitative data analysis given at the 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford

Talk by Ann Lewins on CAQDAS

Talk by Matt Barnard on Framework Analysis

Talk by Stephanie Taylor on Discourse Analysis


Talks on issues arising from the QUIC project given at the 2010 ESRC Research Methods Festival, University of Oxford CAQDAS logo

Talk 1: Graham Hughes on Analysing Open-ended Survey Question Responses in CAQDAS

Talk 2: Graham Hughes on Combining Geo-spatial and Qualitative Data

Talk 3: Christina Silver on Visual Methods and Software Tools : A Mis-match?

Talk 4: Christine Rivers on Visual Analysis and Software Assistance